Sports Optimization

infinitum squash has partnered with BioFeedback Systems Design (BFSD), a novel “Quantified Mindfulness” program to manage stress and optimize performance across a wide variety of applications.

BFSD's service is available to all members of the club looking to improve their on-court performance or any component of their life affected by stress.

For Enrollment information, please email or contact Bosse Sports at 978.443.4613

How The Service Works

Most of us prepare for challenging and competitive situations by studying content and practicing technique. Few recognize the profound impact our psychophysiological state can have on our performance. 

We formed BFSD with the recognition that mind and body work together, and we designed our patented mindfulness biofeedback technology to help individuals to manage their stress, optimize their performance and reach their goals in high-stakes activities, such as test taking or an athletic competition.

Our biofeedback evaluation and training process identifies a host of mind/body responses that are most crucial during a challenging situation such as test-taking. Our program and practitioners then teach the participant to adjust their responses accordingly. This program is not designed to simply relax the participant, but rather, to identify and help trigger the body response, or “zone”, in which the participant performs optimally. 

During our training, we evaluate the participant’s subsequent performance depending on their body’s response, and using customized approaches, teach each participant to bring him or herself into that zone when the challenging situation is occurring.