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Junior Squash

INFINITUM Squash provides structured coaching, instruction and offers academic support.  Students climb a unique and challenging development ladder that stresses squash excellence and academic performance, preparing them for the highest level of competition both on the court and in the classroom.

INFINITUM's mission is to prepare its athletes for rigorous and rewarding experiences that are precursors to a successful and satisfying life.

Nick Taylor and his team have developed a comprehensive program that infuses a love of squash at an early age and fosters its growth and development year in and year out.  Squash excellence helps define every INFINITUM Squash athlete from the young beginner to the college-bound player.

Squash Seeds, ages ~4-8

Squash Seeds introduces kids to the fun of squash. The pure joy of swinging the racquet, whacking the ball and running around with friends sets the stage for a progressive flow of instruction that develops coordination and brings out the capabilities inherent in every child.

As a child grows, s/he will discover the technical intricacies and develop the strategic skills within the game of squash, translating into a competitive edge in competition, and in life.

For Enrollment information, please email or contact Bosse Sports at 978.443.4613

ages ~9-12

These are the formative ages for squash.  As a child develops, s/he will be coached to leverage physical skill and mental strength into competitive advantage. Play becomes more decisive and a winning attitude emerges and grows.

Nick and his team nurture a child’s growing love for squash into a desire for excellence.  Elite performance is both an inspiration and an aspiration.  This program will help a junior player reach the path towards optimal potential.

For Enrollment information, please email or contact Bosse Sports at 978.443.4613

ages ~13+

As competition gets tougher and the success ladder gets steeper, Apex's team embraces challenge in the form of advanced technical instruction, match-play strategy development, a powerful foundation of physical fitness, and a foremost attention to mental toughness and character.

Together with parents and coaches, Apex athletes begin the formal process of exploring where squash can take them, personally, academically and professionally.

For some, squash becomes the catalyst to college.  The Infinitum Team is experienced in not only continually developing a player during these years but also preparing that player for the rigorous process of selecting a college from both a squash and academic perspective.

For Enrollment information, please email or contact Bosse Sports at 978.443.4613



INFINITUM Squash Camps and Custom Training Experiences


Young squash athletes receiving instruction from Nick Taylor

infinitum Squash Camps - Overview

INFINITUM Squash's summer day camps are designed for all levels of squash players from beginners to elite athletes. Campers are separated by ability level and coached through a personalized program that emphasizes health and fun while fostering sustainable long-term improvement and competitive spirit. 

Led by Coach Nick Taylor, INFINITUM Squash camps focus on a foundation of technical proficiency developed through court work and match play, combined with the fitness development resources of Bosse Performance's facility and trainers. All campers receive individual sessions with Nick and the INFINITUM team throughout the program. The end goal is for each student to leave with a toolkit of technical principles for the continued growth of their squash well beyond their time at the camp.

INFINITUM Squash's world-class facilities, high coach-to-player ratios, and custom video analytics system create a fun and highly effective experience for each camper looking to make rapid improvements, taking his/her squash and fitness to the next level.

Junior squash player practicing swings with a practice squash ball

INFINITUM Beginners morning camp

Our beginners' morning camps are for ages 5 years-old and up. These camps are offered as half-day morning experiences that can be combined with Bosse Sports' summer afternoon Camp Games program, which include activities such as rockwall, cooperative turf games, arts and crafts and other sports. Our beginner morning camps are a great way to introduce children to the sport of squash through fundamental racket skills, movement drills, and fitness-based games in a fun and supportive environment. The ability to combine these sessions with a different activity in the afternoon encourages well-rounded physical fitness and motor skill development.  

Ages: 5+


Session 1 - June 18 - 23, 2018

Session 2 - July 9 - 13, 2018

Session 3 - July 16 - 20, 2018

Session 4 - August 6 - 10, 2018

Schedule: M-F, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Price: $400.00 per session

For more information, please contact

Nick Taylor with a group of junior squash athletes

infinitum Junior Development Camp

INFINITUM Junior Development camps are offered to junior squash players of all levels. Sessions begin with a player evaluation measuring technical, tactical, and fitness proficiency. Campers are then given a unique program produced by Coach Nick Taylor, to be the individual focus for the duration of the week.

The camp is based on daily technical and tactical themes, which carry each day's court work in the form of stroke and movement drills, match play, and individual sessions with the INFINITUM team. Squash practice is supplemented with daily fitness work led by Bosse Performance's world-class strength and conditioning team.

The end goal of the INFINITUM Squash Junior Development Camps is to imbue an increased love and understanding of the sport of squash and to leave each camper, regardless of ability, with a strong technical foundation to continue to improve his or her game well beyond the span of the camp.

INFINITUM Squash Junior Development Camps take place in a spirited and supportive environment, are fun and challenging, and appropriate for every level of player from beginner recreational player to advanced squash-focused athlete.

Ages: 9+


Session 1 - June 18 - 23, 2018

Session 2 - July 9 - 13, 2018

Session 3 - July 16 - 20, 2018

Session 4 - August 6 - 10, 2018

Schedule: M-F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: $1,200.00 per session

*Half-day accommodations can be made for students enrolled in the INFINITUM Summer Squash and Academic Experience program

For more information, please contact

infinitum Elite Player Performance (IEPP) Camp

The INFINITUM Elite Player Performance Camps (IEPP Camps) are designed for advanced junior squash players committed to pushing their games to the limit. The camps bring together elite players from around the world to train under the supervision of Coach Nick Taylor. Session 1 is conducted in the weeks leading up to the Cologne Junior Open and Dutch Junior Open held in Mid-July. Session 2 is conducted as a late-summer training experience in anticipation of the autumn squash season. 

Utilizing INFINITUM Squash's advanced video analytics system as an immediate feedback tool for stroke, movement, and match play tactics, Coach Taylor leads players through an intense week of technical and tactical court work, match-specific fitness drills, and off-court sports psychology and mindfulness practice.

As a supplement to on-court work, each IEPP camper receives squash-specific sessions with Bosse Performances' world class strength and conditioning team, individual sessions with world-renowned rotational sports chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Fiola, whose client list includes multiple professional and olympic athletes, and neuro-muscular connectivity therapist, John MacDonald - all with the express goal of greatly improving physical strength and aerobic capacity and for developing a sustainable practice of injury prevention throughout intense training.

At the conclusion of the program, players leave with a comprehensive evaluation produced by Coach Taylor, including analysis of player performance and improvement over the course of the program, specific areas of strength and weakness, and a library of video files highlighting technical and tactical strengths and deficiencies observed.

Camps are limited to 12 players per week and enrollment is application-based.

Ages: 12+


Session 1: June 25 - 29, 2018

Session 2: August 13 - 17, 2018

Training Schedule: M-F, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Price: $2,000.00 per session

For more information, please contact

*Room and board accomodation available. 

Boston Skyline, INFINITUM Squash in Greater Boston

Summer Squash and Academic Experience

Greater Boston is home to a collection of the world's finest academic institutions with resources and programs available for nearly every area of interest. INFINITUM Squash provides customized summer programs based around burgeoning scholar athletes' squash goals and academic / extracurricular interests by identifying programs of interest and coordinating them with a squash camp at the INFINITUM facility. 

Examples of coordinated experiences include the INFINITUM half-day squash camp in combination with music courses at the Berklee School of Music, languages courses at Harvard Summer School, visual art courses at MassArt, various Boston area English as a Second Language courses, college application and SAT tutoring, and more.

Experiences are custom-coordinated with housing options for those traveling from outside the Boston area.

For more information, please contact Chessin Gertler at  

Fitness conditioning at INFINITUM Squash, Sudbury

Custom Training Exchange

INFINITUM Squash's Director of Squash, Nick Taylor has played at the top level of the game and coached some of the best junior and professional players in the world, including World Champions and world #1's of both genders, British Junior Open winners and multiple top-10 professional players.

Whether for a short-term stay or a career-long training base, INFINITUM Squash, in partnership with the resources of Bosse Sports, is committed to the development of elite college-bound and professional players.

For more information, please contact Nick Taylor at