Can I join INFINITUM without being a Bosse Sports member?

INFINITUM Squash is a distinct program from Bosse Sports and memberships and pricing are entirely separate. You do not need to be a Bosse Sports member to be a member of INFINITUM Squash. The Bosse Sports locker room and Cafe are available to INFINITUM members and there are add-on pricing options for INFINITUM Squash members interested in using the Bosse Sports facilities including tennis, pool, fitness, and golf.

What age can someone start playing squash?

One can begin playing squash as early as 3 or 4 years of age. The sport can also be learnt later in life. INFINITUM Squash has programs for juniors and adults of all levels and our membership currently spans the ages of 5 and 80 years of age. We have worked with 4 and 5-year-old beginners as well as those in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties, who have picked up the sport for the first time with us. Beyond the community aspect, squash is a phenomenal tool for fitness as well as mental discipline that benefits all ages.

Can squash help my child get into school?

The prep school and college squash pipeline is expanding rapidly. With hard work, discipline and the proper coaching pathway, the sport can be a tremendous tool for the purposes of resume building all the way to college recruitment or even scholarship. For more information, please email INFINITUM Squash Founder, Chessin Gertler at

Why do you use a variety of ball types in your program?

Using bouncier balls in practice and match play is an important tool in developing improved fitness, technique, and ball control. See this article we posted on the topic.