Squash Goes Gold #Paris2014 Olympic Bid

INFINITUM Squash Backs the Olympic Bid!

Over the past year-and-a-half, we’ve seen INFINITUM Squash grow at a rate we didn’t even expect at our most optimistic. Demand was there almost immediately after finishing construction, so we built four more courts (eight total now… with more in sight!), partnered with prep schools, international fitness clubs and nonprofits, are working with public schools to improve their existing squash programs and launch new ones, and are hosting one of the biggest and highest level junior tournaments in the country (come down this weekend to check it out!)

Our team is growing and we’ve got more pros coming from around the world to come and train - plus, PSA events in the works for this year. Our social media accounts have thousands of likes/followers and our YouTube channel has over 1100 subscribers! We’re now working multiple institutions on the design of new squash facilities and satellite INFINITUM Squash programs and perhaps most excitingly, have begun the process for a second Flagship INFINITUM Squash Club in Boston.

We believed from the beginning in the sport of squash - its incredible athleticism, storied history, international diversity, health and fitness benefits, and marketability to a wide range of ages and backgrounds - and are thrilled for the launch of Squash Goes Gold, the PSA’s and WSF’s official Olympic bid campaign for the Paris 2024 Games. The sport is at an inflection point and it’s time to get it where it needs to be: the Olympics.

Show your support for squash’s Olympic inclusion by clicking the link below. The clock is ticking!

Chessin Gertler