INFINITUM Squash Hosts Squash and Education Alliance High Performance Team Training Squad

This past Memorial Day Weekend, INFINITUM Squash hosted the Squash and Education Alliance High Performance Team (HPT) Squad. INFINITUM Squash Director, Nick Taylor led the squad through four days of intense technical work and conditional match play,

The HPT is part of the Squash and Education Alliance's Squash Excellence Project, whose mission is to give top-level training and competitive opportunities to up to 30 of the most promising urban squash players nationwide. The short term aim is to enable these players to earn rankings in the top 30 in the country. Long term, the Squash Excellence Project aims to produce top-10 nationally ranked players and eventually a National Championship. Selections for the HPT are made based on national rankings, work ethic and athletic potential.

This new initiative, co-founded by INFINITUM Squash founder, Chessin Gertler aims to raise the level and increase squash's visibility in the US by expanding the talent pool and providing coaching and competition resources to young players who otherwise would not have them.

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HPT Squad

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