INFINITUM Squash Leads Annual SquashBusters Derby Junior Stakes

INFINITUM Squash Director, Nick Taylor was invited to lead this year's annual SquashBusters Derby Junior Stakes event.

The SquashBusters Derby is an annual fundraising event organized around the Kentucky Derby. Multiple teams engage in a friendly competition combining fundraising with a multi-day doubles tournament and all-day singles event, culminating in a blowout party celebrating the event's fundraising success and the overall achievements of the program. This year, the event raised a record $1.38M: an extraordinary achievement that will ensure the continued impact of the program in the coming year.

On Saturday night, celebrity chef (and avid squash player), Ming Tsai was back to serve an amazing assortment of food for the event as partygoers began the evening with exhibition matches from some of the greatest players the game of squash has ever seen - including former World Champions, Peter Nicol and David Palmer, former US Open Champion, Wael el Hindi, World Masters Champion and INFINITUM Squash Director, Nick Taylor, and US #1 and INFINITUM player, Amanda Sobhy.

Coach Taylor was invited to run this year's Junior Stakes event, which kicked off the day's festivities. The event brought together 16 young players from the greater Boston squash community and 16 SquashBusters students for 2 hours of drills, competition and teamwork.

The INFINITUM Squash team is looking forward to next year's event and wishes to extend a big thank you to the generous support of the INFINITUM community who helped make this year's event one for the records.

- The INFINITUM Squash team

Chessin Gertler