INFINITUM Squash Director, Nick Taylor Featured on the In Squash Podcast

INFINITUM Squash Director, Nick Taylor is featured in the latest In Squash Podcast. In the episode, Nick talks about his career as a pro player and how it laid the groundwork for his vision as a coach and the creation of INFINITUM Squash.

“I’m all for producing players, but like I said, INFINITUM is about a community of players where you can come in and play players of a higher ability and players of a lower ability - and that’s how we run our sessions. All our kids are on the court smiling and enjoying the sport… and if they’re doing that, they want to come back for more, and if they’re coming back for more, they’re improving quicker, and if they’re improving quicker, they get more success in competition. That’s what we’re creating.” - Nick Taylor

“I always like to get my players to think about being very light on their feet - gliding across the court. Obviously, the movement links into the grip and the swing; people forget that - they’re not in isolation. These things work together. So if the grip is not right or the wrist is very tight or the arm is very close to the body, that’s going to massively affect movement. So I think those technical principles that I talk about, which I learned a lot from David Pearson, and learning from other coaches and players… Those technical principles I learned from DP and adapted them to use with my own players… I don’t want my players to look manufactured; I want my players to look individual but I want them to have the same technical principles because those technical principles are what affect movement. We cover all of this on the INFINITUM YouTube Channel and we want people to subscribe, give us feedback, ask questions!” - Nick Taylor

Chessin Gertler