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Infinitum Squash Adult Club Members During Practice

Adult Squash

INFINITUM Squash's adult squash program provides players the opportunity for ongoing instruction, ladder and league play, fitness and squash-specific conditioning.

Members enjoy 2 weekly (8 monthly) complementary coached drop-in clinics, priority and significantly reduced pricing on events, clinics and private lessons.

For enrollment information, please email or contact INFINITUM Squash at (617) 699-9184


Squash 57

INFINITUM Squash is one of the first US programs to offer Squash 57, a lower impact variant of squash played with slightly different rules and a larger (57mm diameter) ball and modified racket.

The livelier ball allows for added time to reach your opponent's shot and means Squash 57 doesn't require the same intense deep lunging movement of squash that can be taxing on the knees, hips, and feet.

Great for older players or those with less racket sport experience, Squash 57 provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout in a great social setting.

INFINITUM Squash offers lessons, clinics, and coordinated group sessions. Please see this article from England Squash for more information on Squash 57.

For Enrollment information, please email or call (617) 699-9184