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We are a performance-focused squash club disrupting how the game is coached, played, and eventually mastered.

With a robust club community and a training program led by NICK TAYLOR, the INFINITUM system combines a unique approach to squash coaching, physical and mental conditioning and competition - all with the express goal of developing accomplished athletes at all levels of the game.

For programming and membership information, please browse our site or email | call (978) 760-3556

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“My squash career has taken me across the world to every type of squash club facility. INFINITUM Squash in metro-Boston stands out as one of the best. INFINITUM’s full view facility, court-side video analysis, and adjacent strength and conditioning area encourages and motivates players of all levels – junior player to Elite Squad and professionals. I loved playing these courts.
INFINITUM is led by the best of the best, world–renowned coach, Nick Taylor, who leads by example and kindness. His style has motivated thousands of players in the U.K. and he delivers an exceptional coaching experience to INFINTIUM players.”
Nick Matthew, 3X World Champion

"Two of our children play squash at the beginner level to supplement school athletics and we love the conditioning and focus squash provides. Nick Taylor and the entire INFINITUM Squash team motivate with their amazing technical ability and pure enjoyment of the game. Nick and his team are knowledgeable, patient, direct and inspire the students to have fun and try their best.  At the end of each session, students have a sense of accomplishment that feels good for all of us."
- Mark Miller, INFINITUM Squash junior academy parent

“I have been playing squash for over a decade and taken lessons from five different coaches (all former PSA professionals). Nick Taylor has done more to improve my game in four weeks than all my other experiences with coaches combined. Nick understands the game at its highest and most intricate level, which translates into instruction that is narrowly tailored to the specific needs of individual players. The value of Nick, as a coach, is not just in the challenging on-the-court sessions, but in the comprehensive programming that addresses the mental, physical and strategic components of your game.”
- Mike Davis, INFINITUM Squash club player

"INFINITUM Squash is a world-class facility in greater Boston with incredible resources for every level, including video analysis and access to strength and conditioning. Nick Taylor’s lifelong passion for squash and attention to detail are second to none. His coaching pedigree speaks for itself and he has the knowledge and network to take you as far as you want to go within the game. Infinitum Squash is welcoming and motivating. I’ll be back soon."
- Charlie Griggs, squash professional